We create housing solutions for people with mental health issues who can’t seem to find just the right fit.

About Us

We believe that recovery begins by restoring personal dignity and self-esteem. The positive person-centered energy that fills the homes of Grace and Mind is reparative and helps people with psychiatric disorders build life-skills, develop relationships, and learn to manage their mental health symptoms while being an active member of a community. One of our goals is to help remove the stigma associated with psychiatric disorders. We put the person before their mental illness.

Our Team

alanna sullivan

Alanna Sullivan


Alanna L. Sullivan is a corporate business manager turned therapist, turned small business owner. Unsatisfied with the lack of housing and supportive services available for her brother who struggles with mental illness and cognitive deficits, Alanna decided it was time to step into the arena and start advocating for all individuals who have been sitting on waitlist for years. Adults who desire independence and have never left the care of a loved one. Unique individuals who hover around the center of the grid (don’t meet criteria for government support but can’t keep pace with others their age and aren’t considered a “priority”). Alanna’s passion lies in helping those who have been denied, invalidated, or simply felt overwhelmed, exhausted and helpless in their fight to obtain the necessary services required to live a better quality of life.

Alanna holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Social Work. Her other passions include being a mom to her two spirited toddlers, weightlifting, hiking, reading about history, and non-fiction writing.

What We Do


Homes for adults living with mental illness and developmental delays looking to achieve a greater level of independence, while living with others in a family-like supportive environment.  


Customized coaching programs designed to help shift the current dynamic and create an improved relationship and long-term stability.


Empowering practices that help your loved one take control of their life and learn to live and thrive with their mental illness.